About Us

Who Is SlamCoast Media?

We're your friendly, neighborhood super heroes.

About SlamCoast Media

Take an idea and make it a full on reality.

The idea of SlamCoast Media was derived from two individuals that never seemed to make it work in the corporate world. It's not for a lack of trying, but more so the inability to be bound by borders of a cubicle. Our creativity flows like rapids carving their way down a mountain. We've developed strategies and techniques over time utilizing our experiences and made it work for us.

Photography and Videography came pretty naturally, when we discovered a void in our needs for creating content for projects. From there, it just kind of sprouted into this beautiful creation where we were able to harness our creative ability and make it work for others. We take full pride in helping others harness their creative and make it work for them. Whether it be a portrait session, wedding or promotional video, we've got the tools, creative, and ability to make it all come to life for you. Memories are made to fade with time, unless you capture it while it's in the making. Let's work together and capture your creative.

Our Team

  • Andrew Cameron

    Photography Chemist

  • Joseph Harrick

    Videography Wizard

Who We Are

We're real people, we swear it.

Andrew Cameron grew up in Central Florida, and dwelled along the east coast all the way up to New York. Music and fishing are two of his passions, and it goes without saying that photography has become a bigger piece of his life than he'd like to admit, at times. Capturing moments is important to him because life moves so fast that thoughts from yesterday are often forgotten.

Joseph Harrick has spent the better half of the last decade traveling the country in search of big fish and capturing that on film and photo for all to see. It's become more than a passion, and has since consumed his entire being. Central Florida will become his home, and it's a certainty that the fish of Florida will also become his.

Andrew and Joe have been working together on various projects for the last few years, and finally are going to team up to make a name for themselves. Join us or watch us, we're going to do big things.